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Craig Beil

Colorado State University

Fixed vernalization 1 alleles increase genomic selection prediction accuracy of winter injury in the genetically diverse facultative and winter wheat observation nursery.

Regina Enninful

Kansas State University

Characterization of parents of sorghum mapping populations exposed to water-deficit stress.

Uttam Bhattarai

Louisiana State University

Identification of root and shoot QTLs in rice during drought stress using SNP based highly saturated genetic map.

Waltram Ravelombola

University of Arkansas

Association mapping for salt tolerance in cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (l.) Walp] using a genotyping-by-sequencing approach.

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Harnessing Plant Diversity to Cope with a Changing Climate
April 13-14, 2017
Gainesville, FL
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Professor, Crop Ecophysiology / Director, Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab, Kansas State University

Area of expertise: Crop Response & Adaptation to Environmental Conditions, Nutrient Stress

Impact of Climate Change and Climate Variability on Productivity of Food Grain Crops.

Professor, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida

Area of expertise: Impact of climate change on cropping systems, adaptation to climate change, sustainability of atmosphere-crop-soil systems over time.

Food security and climate change.

Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University

Area of Expertise: Blueberry and strawberry breeding and genetics; marker-assisted selection breeding; environmental biosafety of GE crops.

Breeding strawberries and blueberries in a changing global environment.

Plant Geneticist, USDA-ARS Plant and Animal Genetic Resources Preservation Research Unit Fort Collins, CO.

Area of expertise: Conservation of wild crop relatives, seed preservation, genetically-engineered genes, plant physiology.

Wading deeper into the gene pool: using crop wild relatives to breed climate resilient crops.

Senior Scientist, DuPont Pioneer, Des Moines, Iowa

Area of expertise: Drought & stress tolerance, climate change, canopy/root architecture.

Improving phenotypic prediction through crop model-whole genome prediction integration.

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