Plant Science Council at the University of Florida is formed by graduate and undergraduate students studying or interested in plant science research and extension.
Plant Science Council helps to develop leadership skills of UF students by encouraging them to participate in professional activities such as organizing entirely student led seminar and workshop series. Besides, it also explores and promotes academic and career resources to help students gain managerial and out of syllabus experience.

2019-2020 OFFICER TEAM


PhD student, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology


PhD student, Horticulture


Masters student, Horticulture

Plant Breeding Retreat Chair

PhD student, Environmental Horticulture

Plant Breeding Retreat Co-Chair

M.S. Student, Agronomy

Field Trip Coordinator

PhD student, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology

Off-Campus Coordinator

Faculty Advisor

Assistant Professor, Agronomy

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PhD Student, Agronomy

Workshop Coordinator

Masters Student, Horticulture

Outreach Chair

PhD Student, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology

Professional Development Chair

PhD student, Horticulture

Digital Communications Chair

PhD Student, Agronomy

Travel Award Chair

PhD Student, Horticulture

Poster Chair

PhD Student, Environmental Horticulture

Faculty Advisor

Assistant Professor, Horticulture

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